Computer Programming
For Psychologists

Hello world

This blog has been in the 'ideas' phase for quite some time. I actually bought the domain name several years ago, but have never gotten around to setting up a system that suited my needs. In retrospect, I think I was just focussing too much on the wrong things such as getting the layout exactly right and what framework would best suit my needs.

With less time to visit friends and family during these Christmas holidays because of the Corona virus, I took some time to reflect on this progress and decided I should concentrate on the bare minimum needed  to have a functional blog. With renewed determination and focus I set out to tackle this task, and you are now reading the result of that work!

The content of this blog will be inspired by two of my main occupations. First, I provide programming support to PhD students in the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology. In most cases this means helping out with writing Python scripts for running psychological experiments. In the context of that job I get to solve a lot of interesting problems, and my hope is that by sharing solutions to these problems others might benefit from these solutions as well.

I am also a teacher of an introductory programming course for psychology students. Each year I am amazed by how much progress these students make, especially given that most of them have never written a single line of code before the start of the course. One of the challenges that they face is that there is just so much information out there, and with this blog I hope to provide a good starting place.